Small Press Bookwatch Review – THE LORDS OF OBLIVION

I’m pleased to post a review of The Lords of Oblivion, my literary fantasy novel, from The Small Press Bookwatch (February, 2018). This is one of the Midwest Book Review’s monthly on-line journals critiquing self-published, small press, or print-on-demand titles. Founded in 1976 and edited by James A Cox, Midwest Book Review is a well-established … Continue reading Small Press Bookwatch Review – THE LORDS OF OBLIVION

Book Marketing – Desperation

Future posts will explore book marketing’s complexities, but first let’s acknowledge the central challenge for writers after they’ve created their work: getting someone, please God, anyone to read it. Unless you’re writing for your bottom drawer, you’ll need to alert a potential readership about your work’s existence and appeal. This applies to both traditionally and … Continue reading Book Marketing – Desperation