Too Hot to Handle?

Sex is the third rail for a fantasy novel. Sex is remarkably unpopular per the following four fantasy book reviewers' stipulations about books they don't want to critique. 'Absolutely no erotica''I do NOT review erotica''no erotica/sex scenes''I will not except (sic) erotica' The last of these quotes is my favorite. Poor word choice aside, lust … Continue reading Too Hot to Handle?

Gods and Tyrants – The Novelist’s Creative Process

Fiction authors get asked whether they're planers or 'pantsers'. This means does the author, before setting fingers to keyboard, plot out their entire story, and the characters arcs, and settings, and the themes/conflicts - and then stick to this plan until the work is finished? Or do they just start writing with only a vague … Continue reading Gods and Tyrants – The Novelist’s Creative Process