A lethal conflict starts in Dark Ages Britain and ends in modern San Francisco, all in one conjuror’s lifetime.

Bradan is fifteen centuries old, looks 30, and lives in San Francisco. He’s an environmentalist, drives a haunted Tesla and keeps a wolf. Life’s good and he’s almost forgotten his youth in war-torn, ancient Britain where he acquired the secret of near immortality, but also betrayed his civilization. Bradan is confronted with his past when two Celtic priests who orchestrated his treason are resurrected.

The priests come to revere San Francisco’s natural beauty and try to erase humanity by provoking a catastrophic earthquake that will return the city to a pre-urban state. In this collision of modernity and nature, Bradan works desperately to use his limited magical skills, current technology, and his wits to challenge the priests. If he doesn’t win this battle, he’ll be annihilated with millions of other souls.