This site’s postings are about 1) writing a novel and 2) publishing/marketing said novel.

The creative and business worlds intersect rather awkwardly. This is particularly true for the literary scene.  My posts don’t comprehensively look at this nexus; they do summarize my own experience with issues that many authors experience. Hopefully, the posts will inform other writers as they make their own journeys.

To this point, I’ve written an action/adventure fantasy entitled The Lords of Oblivion (subtitled A San Francisco Fantasy) which I’m self-publishing. The novel also has elements of magical realism and contemporary fantasy, but is definitely not paranormal (not that I have anything against that genre).

The posts are drawn from my experience with The Lords of Oblivion. I’ll shamelessly promote my novel in on other parts of this site, but try to restrain myself in my posts though I will refer to it for heuristic purposes. For now, suffice it to say that there are no vampires (though the protagonist has lived 15 centuries); no werewolves either (though the protagonist keeps a real wolf for a pet); only two Druids (but they make great antagonists when they’re transplanted to the modern world); there are any number of apparitions (but only one important ghost and she haunts the protagonist’s Tesla); and the world that the protagonist attempts to save isn’t some magical kingdom, but instead modern San Francisco (which is pretty mystical in its own way).

Finally, the posts will be iterative meaning that I may revise/update them based on new experiences. Also, this site is under construction, so exercise forbearance as it evolves.