Book Writing – Advantages of Genre Mashups

My latest novel, The Lords of Powder (  ), meshes (or mashes) together three distinct genres: modern fantasy, historical fiction, and action/adventure.

Kindel LOP 300.jpeg

Leveraging motifs from several genres allows the author to imbue The Lords of Powder with contrast. It also provides the flexibility to address diverse themes all in one story.

Primarily, the novel intends to be an entertaining, fast-moving narrative overlaying a morality tale. Perhaps a bit pretentiously, additional themes include the appeal of wrongdoing and the ease of slipping into a criminal weltanschauung; the protagonist teeters between trafficking marijuana in late 70’s Miami and ‘going straight’. Many of the secondary characters are either immoral or amoral. Further, The Lords of Powder considers the nature of borders both geographic and attitudinal. The main character is a smuggler and might well reflect on crossing all manner of frontiers so this fit naturally into the novel. In addition, the story touches on the relation between creativity and power in flashbacks to the Viking sack of Lindisfarne and a battle of wits between a magician and the Caliph of Cordoba in 10th century Andalusia.

Thus, mixing genres can sometimes be a better authorial strategy than sticking to a single genre. I’ll write more on this topic in future posts.

For those interested, links to The Lords of Powder:


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