The magic of a special time and place changes everything – for good or ill.  

In this blend of urban fantasy and adventure with a dash of romance, it’s 1967 during the Summer of Love at the height of flower power. Bradan is a near-immortal magician struggling to make his band famous. But that’s child’s play compared to his battle with a psychopathic Celtic warlord and a Welsh god hell-bent on tearing souls from whoever crosses his path. And they’re backed by an army of the damned. Bradan’s fought off these foes in past centuries, but they’re back to annihilate him now and collect as many other innocent souls as they can.

But Bradan has friends: an amoral witch, a haunted Harley motorcycle, a bad-tempered wolf, and his talented, but lunatic band-mates. He also has his wits, a sarcastic sense of humor, and modest magical talents (he conjures pretty images). Will this be enough to defeat his foes and save his life – and the spirit of a special summer?

This book is planned for release on Amazon in November of 2020.

The Lords of the Summer Season is the third work in this series, which includes the previously published The Lords of Oblivion and The Lords of Powder (see links on this site). Each book can be read as a stand-alone novel or together as part of an ongoing series. The Lords of the Summer Season takes place primarily in 1967. The Lords of Powder takes place primarily in 1978. And The Lords of Oblivion takes place primarily in the present.

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