My ‘Whose Fantasy is This?’ Article Published

The Jim Cox Report/Midwest Book Review published a short - but hopefully cool - article I wrote on the challenges of writing fantasy novels that cross genres and sub-genres. Please enjoy. Here is the link:

Interview For My Book, THE LORDS OF POWDER

My latest book, THE LORDS OF POWDER, just got good publicity from a blogger who posts on recently published books. I'm interviewed describing my novel, THE LORDS OF POWDER, at the following link:


More of a mood than a movie, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is nonetheless an arresting, dark satire of changing times for filmdom and TV. It also explores Tarantino’s focus on the border between story-telling and ‘reality’, though here, the characters’ reality is a rather surreal 1969 Los Angeles. And the film viewer’s reality … Continue reading Film Review – ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD

The Lords of Powder Featured in Suspense Magazine

Attached below is a link to an excerpt from my latest fantasy/thriller (THE LORDS OF POWDER) published in Suspense Magazine, a monthly digital magazine focusing on the book world of thrillers and suspense. Many thanks to their publisher for featuring the first several pages of my novel!

Whose Fantasy Is This Anyway? Part 5

Whose Fantasy Is This Anyway? Part 5 – Tactics to Help Readers Identify Your ‘Brand’ or How Many Fantasy Subgenres Can Dance on the Head of a Pin? And Who’s Counting? This is the fifth and final posting of a five part series about authors navigating fantasy’s many overlapping subgenres (see also postings for parts … Continue reading Whose Fantasy Is This Anyway? Part 5