Annually for the last 7 years, the noted fantasy author, Mark Lawrence, organizes a competition to identify the best new, self-published fantasy novel. This is SPFBO (‘Self Published Fantasy Blog Off’). It’s gotten bigger every year and this May 300 authors submitted in less than 24 hours (the contest is limited to 300 books).

The contest’s judges are 10 established fantasy book bloggers. Usually it’s tough to get recognition as a newer author, so this contest is valuable in making readers and reviewers aware of your work; of course, I grabbed the chance to submit THE LORDS OF THE SUMMER SEASON. More info about the contest is on Lawrence’s site ( ).

THE LORDS OF THE SUMMER SEASON is a modern fantasy set during San Francisco’s ‘Summer of Love’ in 1967 when the creative scene was exploding and everything was limitless. Until it wasn’t. My book uses the fantasy genre to look at the exuberance and potential of that time as well as its darker, seamier side (check it out at Amazon link: ).

Anyway, the Facebook link below is to praise my novel has gotten from one of the judges, Esme Weatherwax who edits the Weatherwax Report. She says:

“One of my books opens with a dude who is tripping on acid while riding a ‘haunted’ motorcycle in the middle of a thunderstorm as The Wild Hunt chases him down a California Big Sur ocean side highway. The next chapter is a flashback to when this same dude was chilling with King Arthur and Merlin. This is nuts and I love it.”

No guarantee that THE LORDS OF THE SUMMER SEASON will win or even place, but it’s nice to see that one of the judges enjoyed it!!

Here’s the Facebook link:

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