I got the following review of my latest novel, ‘The Jinn and the Two Cities‘, from Eric J. Guignard, a noted horror, dark fantasy, and literary fiction anthologist, editor, and author. High praise indeed for my book!

“I thoroughly enjoyed this novel by Peter W. Blaisdell. Filled with dark characters, intrigue, action, and plot twists throughout. Admittedly, I’m a sucker for historical fiction anyway, as well as fantasy works, so this was a total win. Reminiscent of THE FORGOTTEN KINGDOM, and Shannon Mayer’s JINN’S DOMINION, there’s a lot to like in this carefully crafted magical realm. Great late-night read with a glass of Sekanjabin on the rocks. 5 stars.”

Here’s the Amazon link to the ‘The Jinn and the Two Kingdoms‘:

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