Goodreads Author Review: THE JINN AND THE TWO KINGDOMS

Authors are allowed to ‘review’ their own books in Goodreads. Below is the review for my latest fantasy novel, The Jinn and the Two Kingdoms (Amazon link: ).


“Thiago doesn’t think of himself as a demon, but he is. He’s a thief too, and therein lies this story.”

The blurb for The Jinn and the Two Kingdom tells you what I wrote. You can decide how well I wrote it when you read the story. Here, I’ll tell you why I wrote it.

First, I wanted to write a fantasy that was true to the genre’s spirit, but add my own voice to make the story original, fun and fast-moving.

Second, I wanted to create interesting, ‘non-standard’ fantasy characters and drop them into a complex, violent supernatural setting and see what happened. The main character is Thiago, a jinn who’s a misfit among demons and proud of it. Potentially, he has a friend in Lubna who is steeped in books and learning, but wants to see the world beyond her library. And then there’s Lila, a malevolent spirit who was once Thiago’s lover and is his current nemesis. They collide and compete with each other and encounter an assortment of natural and unnatural beings including bandits who can morph into fire and a fleet of Vikings intent on recovering a treasure beyond counting. Thiago is after the treasure too.   

Further, I wanted to build a world for my characters in ‘untypical’ fantasy locations. Instead of the quasi-European, never-never land found in a lot of high fantasy, The Jinn and the Two Kingdoms occurs in several intriguing locations including medieval Arabia and Islamic Spain. I also invented a magical world of mystical beings living in mile-high castles who use rapacious creatures to eat their rivals. The human and magical worlds are connected by a portal which Thiago exploits for his adventures and thievery. This portal also enables demons from the magical world to invade human realms; the portal may enable a war between the human and demon worlds unless Thiago can stop it.

And then, there are the ideas/themes that I wanted to integrate into the story. Among these themes are how knowledge is threatened by violent, unsettled times and how an outlaw/rebel (Thiago) realizes he can’t take on the world alone.  

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