Published: THE LORDS OF THE SUMMER SEASON – A Psychedelic Fantasy

My most recent novel, ‘The Lords of the Summer Season’ is now available on Amazon (link: ). And here’s the description:

Bradan grew up in Camelot and grew famous during the Summer of Love. He’s nearly immortal, a talented musician, but only a mediocre magician.

That’s unfortunate because he’ll need more than pretty lyrics to confront a psychopathic Celtic warlord and a Welsh god hell-bent on collecting souls. They’re also near immortal and Bradan clashed with them 1500 years ago. They haven’t forgotten.

Theirs is a dual through history with savage fights in Camelot and Renaissance Florence. Now it’s 1967 and they’ve found him again, and they lead an army of specters intent on murder. Bradan’s only friends are his haunted motorcycle, his lunatic band-mates, and a witch with uncertain loyalties. There won’t be much love this summer unless Bradan defeats a warlord and a god. And his friends die too if he doesn’t win the fight.

This fantasy with a dash of psychedelia, explores creativity, vengeance and romantic attraction. 

This is part of an on-going series. The novels can be read in any order. Chronologically, ‘The Lords of the Summer Season’ comes first as it takes place mostly in 1967. Of the other books in the series, ‘The Lords of Powder’ takes place mostly in 1978 while ‘The Lords of Oblivion’ takes place mostly in the present day.

If you read it and enjoy any of these stories, please leave a rating/review (it can be brief) on Goodreads or Amazon!

Below is the front/back cover of ‘The Lords of the Summer Season’.

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