Notes on Creating a Story (part 5)

This is the last of my posts on how/why I came to write my modern fantasy, The Lords of the Summer Season (check the book out at Amazon link: ).  And what better note to end on than a romantic note!

Of course, romance belongs in a fantasy about the Summer of Love, and Bradan has three contrasting women to cuddle and clash with.

Taryn is the modern incarnation of Morgana le Fey, legendary enchantress in Arthur’s Dark Ages court, as well as Merlin’s paramour. Like Bradan, she’s almost immortal, a bit immoral, and unashamedly ambiguous about her intentions toward Bradan.

Gail Halpern, a professor who isn’t supernatural, is unashamedly clear and direct about her goals, essential for a woman forging her way through a thicket of academic politics in the mid-’60s. Her intentions toward Bradan are also a little ambiguous.

And let’s not forget Veronica from fifteenth-century Florence, Bradan’s muse and the model for one of the Renaissance’s great allegorical paintings. She’s based on historical figures during this era. Had she lived longer, who knows where her relationship with Bradan might have gone?

These three characters help the novel consider the nature of romantic attraction.

(Future posts will touch on other aspects of my stories and the fantasy genre generally. By all means follow my postings on this site!!)

(And many thanks to Rondell Melling, Jsoto, and Beto Galvez from Pixabay for the images!)

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