Author Endorsement of THE LORDS OF THE SUMMER SEASON (and all my other books)

Its gratifying when a fellow author reads and endorses my work. S Alessandro Martinez’s most recent novel is Helminth, a horror story in the mold of H P Lovecraft. Here are his thoughts on all three of my modern fantasy books (the acoustic guitar image above matches the psychedelic mood of one of these novels, The Lords of the Summer Season – Amazon link: ):

The Lords of Oblivion

A 1500-year-old wizard. A pair of savage druids raised from the dead. Modern day San Francisco. A wolf that takes no gruff. Blaisdell creates a fascinating world in this magical realism novel with smart writing, complex characters, and clever use of history and mythology. I was sucked in from the very beginning. I look forward to more of Bradan and Tintagel’s mystical adventures. (Amazon link: )

The Lords of Powder

Merlin’s former apprentice, Bradan, is back! The 1500-year-old wizard, who is sometimes too smart for his own good, returns for another exciting adventure, this time in 70s Miami as he takes on the criminal world of drug trafficking. Blaisdell’s smart, fast-paced writing and use of fascinating history and mythology keeps you on the edge of your seat as Bradan uses his wits, charm, and illusions to navigate the modern era and get himself into plenty of trouble. (Amazon link: )

The Lords of the Summer Season

Being Merlin’s former apprentice and living for 1500 years is bound to make you a few enemies. Travel back to the 60s with Bradan the wizard and his otherworldly wolf Tintagel. As Bradan juggles careers as a professor and musician, he must defend himself from his greatest threat yet: a literal god. Blaisdell continues with his clever, skillful, and imaginative writing that will keep readers eagerly turning the next page. My favorite of the Bradan books, Blaisdell dives deeper into the Arthur mythology, and brings the reader even more elements of magic and folklore, all the while weaving an entertaining tale of gods, wizards, ghosts, and 60s acid rock. Thoroughly enjoyable! (Amazon link: )

(guitar image from stuart hampton from pixabay)

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