Advance Praise for THE LORDS OF POWDER

“Intensely felt, ravishingly decorative and movingly personal . . . the motifs ring with authenticity and heat . . . an authorial feat both timeless and transient.” “Though a swashbuckling, action-packed read with literary pretensions that may accurately render some of South Florida in the late ’70s, The Lords of Powder should in no way be construed as a true … Continue reading Advance Praise for THE LORDS OF POWDER

Small Press Bookwatch Review – THE LORDS OF OBLIVION

I’m pleased to post a review of The Lords of Oblivion, my literary fantasy novel, from The Small Press Bookwatch (February, 2018). This is one of the Midwest Book Review’s monthly on-line journals critiquing self-published, small press, or print-on-demand titles. Founded in 1976 and edited by James A Cox, Midwest Book Review is a well-established … Continue reading Small Press Bookwatch Review – THE LORDS OF OBLIVION

Book Review – Dolce Vita Confidential

Shawn Levy’s Dolce Vita Confidential gets 4 stars for its breezy, easy tone in describing an exuberant period in modern Italian cultural history. In one sense, the topic is feather light. However, Rome during the 50’s, with its notions of cheerful sensuality, still exerts considerable influence on today’s cinema, fashion, and how we view privacy, … Continue reading Book Review – Dolce Vita Confidential

Book Review – Lexicon

Max Barry’s Lexicon gets 3.5 stars for its ideas and suspense. In this work of speculative fiction with dystopian overtones, Barry demonstrates literary flair with descriptions and - usually - a strong command of pacing. Though the stories are quite different in content and structurally, Barry seems to be aspiring to something like Umberto Eco’s … Continue reading Book Review – Lexicon