Too Hot to Handle?

Sex is the third rail for a fantasy novel. Sex is remarkably unpopular per the following four fantasy book reviewers' stipulations about books they don't want to critique. 'Absolutely no erotica''I do NOT review erotica''no erotica/sex scenes''I will not except (sic) erotica' The last of these quotes is my favorite. Poor word choice aside, lust … Continue reading Too Hot to Handle?

In Praise of Three Star Book Reviews

Consumers of everything from lipstick to lawn mowers are misled by inflated product ratings and reviews on ecommerce platforms. Like everyone else, readers face this challenge when they buy books. So, what to do for an honest critique? As these platforms use a 1 – 5 rating scale with 1 representing ‘awful’ and 5 representing … Continue reading In Praise of Three Star Book Reviews

My ‘Whose Fantasy is This?’ Article Published

The Jim Cox Report/Midwest Book Review published a short - but hopefully cool - article I wrote on the challenges of writing fantasy novels that cross genres and sub-genres. Please enjoy. Here is the link:

Interview For My Book, THE LORDS OF POWDER

My latest book, THE LORDS OF POWDER, just got good publicity from a blogger who posts on recently published books. I'm interviewed describing my novel, THE LORDS OF POWDER, at the following link:

Book Marketing – Assessing Your Book’s Strengths and Weaknesses (part 3)

My previous posts introduced SWOT analysis and how it might help authors market their books (see links below for past posts). Though this may seem like a dry-as-dust business analytical process with no relevance to writers, SWOT offers a framework for assessing what you can do concretely to sell your books. And it needn’t be … Continue reading Book Marketing – Assessing Your Book’s Strengths and Weaknesses (part 3)