Advance Praise for THE LORDS OF POWDER

“Intensely felt, ravishingly decorative and movingly personal . . . the motifs ring with authenticity and heat . . . an authorial feat both timeless and transient.”

“Though a swashbuckling, action-packed read with literary pretensions that may accurately render some of South Florida in the late ’70s, The Lords of Powder should in no way be construed as a true depiction of Palm Beach, its residents’ taste in architecture, or its property values. . .”

East Palm Beach Evening Times Gazette

“I hadn’t thought to see these episodes of my life brought back. Nonetheless, it all happened just as written here. Perhaps it can serve as a cautionary tale for others.”

Luciana Palacios, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Sociology and Criminology & Law, University of Florida

“Whatever else you want to say about Bradan, the man knows his cars. And his cognac.”

Connie (currently haunting a Tesla Model S)

“The author made us buffoons. Also, I wouldn’t be caught dead in a mint-green tie. That’s a fabrication.”

Evan Standish, Senior Realtor and Investment Adviser (ret.), Bisset and Weaver Treasure Coast Home Services and Real Estate, Riviera Beach, Florida

“I remember Xanadu, the parties, the craziness. This is presented well in The Lords of Powder. The author must have interviewed Bradan extensively to get details. Those memories keep an old man warm in prison. But a parole meeting is coming soon. Bradan should understand that I may yet have a chance to continue my discussions with him . . .”

Pedro Schneider Moreno, United States Penitentiary, Administrative Maximum Facility, Florence, Colorado

“This Bradan guy is someone I’d like to meet again and not in a good way. I didn’t realize how old he was . . . he looked thirty at most.”

Richard Abrahamson, Detective Sergeant (ret.), Miami Police Department

“I always said Bradan was the right kind of smuggler . . . good that his story is finally being told, but the magic stuff must be made up.”

Paul Altman, Jupiter Island, Florida


OK, so all of the above is as fictional as the novel itself. I had great fun fabricating ‘praise’ for The Lords of Powder in which the novel’s characters offer up their thoughts about the book. I also threw in quotes from a fake fan website and a non-existent Palm Beach newspaper.

The novel is now available ( ) and you can decide for yourselves if you agree with the comments above.

Cheers, Peter

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