Book Marketing – Desperation

Future posts will explore book marketing’s complexities, but first let’s acknowledge the central challenge for writers after they’ve created their work: getting someone, please God, anyone to read it. Unless you’re writing for your bottom drawer, you’ll need to alert a potential readership about your work’s existence and appeal. This applies to both traditionally and … Continue reading Book Marketing – Desperation

Book Marketing – Signings and Readings

Authors use signings and readings to promote their books. I’ll describe this impactful tool. Though I write literary fantasy novels (The Lords of Oblivion), the descriptions below are broadly relevant across genres, fiction or non-fiction, debut writer or veteran author. Like any other part of book marketing, planning is vital. Perhaps the biggest challenge for … Continue reading Book Marketing – Signings and Readings

What This Blog is About

This site’s postings are about 1) writing a novel; 2) publishing/marketing said novel; and 3) book reviews that inform me about how other authors have gone about writing their work. The creative and business worlds intersect awkwardly. This is particularly true for the literary scene.  My posts don’t comprehensively look at this nexus; they do … Continue reading What This Blog is About