The magic of a special time and place changes everything – for good or ill.   In this blend of urban fantasy and adventure with a dash of romance, it’s 1967 during the Summer of Love at the height of flower power. Bradan is a near-immortal magician struggling to make his band famous. But that’s child’s … Continue reading Upcoming Fantasy Novel: THE LORDS OF THE SUMMER SEASON

My ‘Whose Fantasy is This?’ Article Published

The Jim Cox Report/Midwest Book Review published a short - but hopefully cool - article I wrote on the challenges of writing fantasy novels that cross genres and sub-genres. Please enjoy. Here is the link: https://bit.ly/2WL8MVu

The Lords of Powder Featured in Suspense Magazine

Attached below is a link to an excerpt from my latest fantasy/thriller (THE LORDS OF POWDER) published in Suspense Magazine, a monthly digital magazine focusing on the book world of thrillers and suspense. Many thanks to their publisher for featuring the first several pages of my novel!https://bit.ly/2MJCd90

Whose Fantasy Is This Anyway? Part 5

Whose Fantasy Is This Anyway? Part 5 – Tactics to Help Readers Identify Your ‘Brand’ or How Many Fantasy Subgenres Can Dance on the Head of a Pin? And Who’s Counting? This is the fifth and final posting of a five part series about authors navigating fantasy’s many overlapping subgenres (see also postings for parts … Continue reading Whose Fantasy Is This Anyway? Part 5